August 12:            Freshman Day

August 13:            First Day of Classes

August 14/15:       Rep. Theatre rotation day/Rep Theatre crew interviews

August 15:            Theatre Rally/Certification Day

August 20:            Patron Drive begins

August 21:            Info. meeting for Cinderella

August 22:            Thespian Meeting

August 26:            Back to School Night

August 28-30:       Auditions for Cinderella

September 4:        Rehearsals begin for Cinderella

September 4:        Backstage Pass Night

Sept 9-12:             Auditions for Steel Magnolias

September 20:      Last Day of Patron Drive

Sept 23-26:           Auditions for Stocking Stuffers


October 1:            Begin Snap Raise Drive

October 21:          Cast Dinner for Cinderella

October 22/23:     Cinderella matinees for local elementary schools

October 24-26:     Evening performances of Cinderella (7:30)

October 26:          Matinee performance of Cinderella (2 pm)

October 26:          Cinderella Strike

November 1:         Info. meeting for Mamma Mia!

November 2:         TOTS EAT (Trick Or Treat So Tots Can Eat)

November 6-8:      Auditions for Mamma Mia!

November 11:       Rehearsals begin for Mamma Mia!

December 6:         Crewhead Letters due for 2020-21 school year

December 9-13:    Secret Swezey 

December 11:       Cast Dinner for Stocking Stuffers

December 12-14:  Stocking Stuffers performances

December 14:       Stocking Stuffers Strike

December  21:      Progressive Dinner

January 9-11:        Kansas Thespian Conference

January 27-31:      Rep Theatre auditions for 2020-21 school year

February 12-15:    Mamma Mia! performances

February 15:         Mamma Mia! Strike

February 18:         Info. meeting for The Fantasticks

February 24-26:    Auditions for The Fantasticks

March 9-12:          Rehearsals begin for The Fantasticks

March 14-19:        Spring Break Trip to New York City

March 26-28:        Steel Magnolias performances 

March 28:             Steel Magnolias matinee 

April 16:                Cast Dinner for The Fantasticks

April 17/18:           The Fantasticks performances

April 22-25:           The Fantasticks performances

April 25:                The Fantasticks Strike

May 10:                SMS Theatre Banquet

Shawnee Mission South Theatre

Shawnee Mission South High School

5800 W 107th St, Overland Park, KS 66207