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Welcome to Shawnee Mission South's Theatre Department Website!


I cannot believe that this is my 11th year back at SMS! Without
exaggeration, every day that I walk into the building, the energy,
enthusiasm, and memories are somewhat overwhelming. The

challenges and

opportunities to make a difference is truly a beautiful thing! We

should never underestimate it.

In 2005, I left South for another opportunity and returned in 2012. The
art, dreams and enthusiasm that exists inside of these young adults has

not changed at all. 


The Shawnee Mission South Performing Arts Wing, which for us
includes the auditorium, the new Flex Theatre, dressing rooms, shop,
costume, and props workspaces, have become our new classrooms. 
If you have not been back to South in a while, the new Performing

Arts Wing is quite impressive. 


This incredible State of the Art Performing Arts Wing was
completed, during the pandemic, while students were in remote


As challenging as the pandemic was for the Arts, we were able to
produce five productions, four of which were produced through online
streaming. The fifth production was produced live, with limiting
seating in the new Flex Theatre. The new wing is definably a “game

changer” for the Arts at SMS!

​In addition to the new Flex Theater, a much-needed overhaul of the
sound, lighting, and A/V systems took place during the pandemic, in

the auditorium. The old sound, lighting, and a/v equipment were
gutted and replaced with high quality equipment.

Students involved in SMS Theatre take their work seriously. We love
the quote “Love the Art in yourself, not yourself in the Art” We
believe that the Arts can make a difference in this crazy world. The
favorite part of my job is encouraging kids to discover the best part of
themselves through participation in the Arts. We preach to always try

your best and not be afraid of failure. 

A couple of years ago, a former student sent me a picture of a poster
hanging in her daughter’s playroom. It asks the question, “What if I
Fall?” and the answer is” Oh, But My Darling, What if You Fly?” 
This is what we have always been about! Please visit us often and

watch us soar!

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