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The Shawnee Mission South Theatre department offers several classes in which students learn about theatre and get involved in SMS's theatre productions.


Intro to Theatre (Drama)
Drama is an introductory year-long elective for students of any grade. Class activities include: improvisations, theatre games, pantomime, scene acting, playwriting, casting, directing, and performing. Students get the chance to learn many interesting facts about theatre, past and present, while also learning to understand and appreciate the entire theatre process.

Repertory Theatre
Repertory (Rep) Theatre is a year-long course that includes sophomores, juniors, and seniors who work on backstage elements of the department's main stage and Rep shows. Juniors and seniors, who are selected to be crew heads, lead their peers to complete tasks on various crews, all of which play important parts of putting on a show! Crews include: Set (design/construction); Costumes; Lighting; Sound; Props; Public Relations; and Business. 

Advanced Repertory Theatre
Advanced Repertory Theatre is a year-long course for selected juniors and seniors, who are the leaders in our department and serve as the company managers and crew heads. The crew heads direct their crews -- a group of students in the two Rep Theatre classes that are assigned to help complete each crew's work. Our company managers and crew heads also meet, discuss and plan events and activities for the Rep Theatre students and for the theatre department as a whole.

Actors Studio
Actors Studio is a semester-long course driven to help students advance in their acting technique and skills. Students are challenged to take the next step in their onstage limits.

Technical Theatre
Technical theatre is a semester-long course that focuses on the technical side of theatre. Students learn the basics of what happens behind the scenes (lighting, sound, set design and construction, costuming, etc.). 

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