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First Production of the year! 'Wait Until Dark'


Wait Until Dark is a suspenseful thriller telling the story of an unassuming blind woman and her husband, who carry a doll which is being hunted by two ex-convicts and one malicious conman. Through the conman’s manipulation, a cat-and-mouse game will fall into place between the characters. Wait Until Dark was written by Frederick Knott. First performed on Broadway in 1966, it’s been revived and reimagined several times since, and a film was also released in 1967. We hope you enjoy this chilling production!


Wait Until Dark opened on February 2nd, 1966 on Broadway. Lee Remick, who played Susy Hendrix, earned a Tony Award nomination. Other members of the original cast included Robert Duvall as Harry Roat Jr, Mitchell Ryan as Mike Talman, and Val Bisoglio as Sgt. Carlino. In 2013, it was readapted to be set in the 1940s.


Susan Naida Kosek

Gloria Caroline Petersma

Sam Tola Abitogun

Mike Galen Coffman

Carlino Aidan Reynolds

Roat Ace Cofield

Be sure to come see it September 28-30th!!


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