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Preparing for Pippin

In preparation for Pippin, which opens in just over a week, the cast and crew are rushing to put on the best production possible.

The Pippin cast rehearses for hours after school every day. They memorize lines, music, and choreography, all of which are already nearly perfected by this time.

The production crew has made considerable progress as well.

It’s always a loud day when the set crew is hard at work. Members of set crew build and design sets with a creative image in their heads and a power drill in their hands. They have already created impressive structures in the relatively short amount of time they’ve had, and will continue to work until the set is both sturdy and sightly.

Pippin is an interesting show for sound crew. Since they don’t have as much technical work to conquer as they usually would, sound crew is busy preparing the pit for the 18 musicians who will play live during the show. Beyond pit setup, sound crew will make decisions about mics and other audio equipment, and make sure that everything sounds as it should.

Everyone in the theatre department is filled with anticipation for the upcoming show, which will undoubtedly be yet another hit.


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