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Semester Recap

The semester has flown by, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t made some great memories here in SMS Theatre! 

We kicked off the season with The Laramie Project, a one-of-a-kind production fitting for this year’s theme, erasing hate. Next year, the story of Laramie will continue with The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later.

Full of heart, music, and motorbikes, our next production was the Wizard of Oz. Set crew built and painted giant flowers controlled with the fly system, and costumes crew designed classic and colorful outfits for every character! This was, by far, our biggest production of the semester, and its success was thanks to the hard work everyone put in!

Our improv team dazzled audiences at year’s Nights of Improv, which had new additions of winter decor and a dessert bar. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!

There’s still much more to come for SMS Theatre, but this semester has proven to be full of wonders each unique from the last. We hope to move forward with Mean Girls!


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